Friday, September 17, 2010

It's almost time!

It's finally Friday and I actually have the weekend off! In the law enforcement world, it can be very rare to actually have a work week Friday on a real Friday. This is one of those rare weeks and one that I will treasure.

Jacob and M have been doing really well lately. M's behavior began regressing at the beginning of the month when the daycare was moving a bunch of children and day care was closed for four days. The change in routine and unknowns seemed to throw him off a little and he was really testing my patience. He seems to be back to his enjoyable three-year-old self again and I have really enjoyed having some extra time with him.

Jacob is extremely excited to be celebrating his birthday tomorrow and next week. His birthday party with friends is tomorrow. He chose a firefighting theme. I was able to find a cake with a firetruck picture, a dalamation pinata with a fire hat and fire badge, firetruck tablecloths and silverware and a Happy Birthday banner with a firetruck theme. There were more things such as firetruck plates and goodies for the kids but it was getting expensive and money is tight as usual. His party will be tomorrow and if blogger copperates, I will have pictures soon (I tried to upload pictures last night but couldn't get it to work).

Jacob and M both have soccer games on Sunday. It will be M's first soccer game ever and he is super excited. He has been waiting a long time to be able to play on a team like his big brother. We are also touring a dairy farm with the church before the soccer games so I expect two very tired children by Sunday night.

Monday is my third day off (I work 6 days and then get 3 days off). The boys will both be at daycare so I will be doing homework, getting new tires on the van and just trying to rest a little after the weekend. Thankfully, my dad decided he wants to visit my brother Monday evening and has volunteered to drive us to Appleton for my class. I am very grateful since I will probably be tires and want to sleep on the way home.

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