Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sometimes You Strike Gold

That is how I feel about Jacob's teacher. I have never seen anyone who can motivate Jacob like his beloved Ms. Jessie. Ms. Jessie has been on vacation the past few days and Jacob keeps asking when he can see her again. She returns on Monday but Jacob is convinced that day will never come. Just this morning he woke up very happy to go to school. With a smile from ear to ear he loudly proclaimed, "I get to see Ms. Jessie today!" Unfortunately that smile left when he learned she won't be there.

Jacob has been trying every thing he can think of so that she won't leave again. He told me none of the other teachers are smart enough to teach him. He stated she needs to come to school because she knows where the worksheets are.

I have never seen Jacob this excited about school. In the past, he has always preferred to stay home if given the chance. Now he asks if he can stay for at least half the day (which I require now that the school year has started) or sometimes even for nap and snack. He gets sad on Saturday mornings when he learns he won't be able to go to school for two days. He wants to do his worksheets including writing. In the past he has always complained but now he waits eagerly and wants the work challenging so he can show Ms. Jessie how smart he is.

So this mom is sending out a thank you. Ms. Jessie, thanks for being such a fantastic teacher and motivating my son. You are giving him a gift that will last a lifetime.

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