Friday, September 3, 2010

Advanced Policy Making and My Blog

I am taking a course this semester titled, Advanced Policy Making. I have been reviewing the syllabus and assignments for the semester and am excited about the curriculum. One of the assignments is weekly action on a political agenda. I'm not sure I completely understand how this assignment will work but there are several options that I can do. I can write letters to polititians, work for a candidate and make entries on a blog. That is where this blog comes in. Since I work indirectly for a polititian, I have a rule that I will not get involved in individual candidates campaigns. That doesn't mean as a normal citizen I can't or won't get involved. I just am careful about how I go about doing it.

Over the next month, I will be making occasional entries on this blog that are political in nature. The reason is to meet the criteria for my course. While the opinions will be mine, I want my readers to understand that it is for an assignment. I am hoping that some people will find the posts interesting. Other people may not enjoy the political opinions that I normally avoid on here. I am hoping that those readers will just skip the politically based posts and read the posts on my family and our adventures.

Depending on the response I get to the posts, they may or may not continue after December. If they do continue, they will be political issues that have a direct or indirect effect on my children, me and our quality of life. Some examples are child welfare issues, immigration reform and the current immigration debates effect on my family and friends and educational issues.

This is your warning that these posts are most likely coming in the near future. I hope you enjoy them.

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