Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Month Of Firsts

Jacob misplaced my camera a few weeks ago. I have been hoping it will reappear but I am beginning to give up hope. My plan for tonight is to go through my bedroom again and make sure it isn't just hiding under something. If it is not found tonight, I will have to break down and buy a new one tomorrow. Why tomorrow? Because the month of September is going to have a lot of important milestones for my children and I need to have a way to record them. Here are the milestones I anticipate for each child this month.


- 1st day of 4K and what is considered "real school" in our home. It is held at the day care center but the children have a real curriculum, educational goals and homework. It is the first time that he really can't get away with missing two or thre days of school/day care a week without it affecting him academicaly.

- 6 and under soccer! He gets to play with the big kids and is very excited about it.

- 5th birthday and birthday party!


- First swimming lessons. He is finally old enough to take swimming lessons like his brother and is very excited. After having some problems with hitting other children yesterday, I reminded M that big kids don't hit and he can't take swimming lessons if he isn't nice. That was enough to stop that behavior. Or at least for a night.

- 4 and under soccer. M has spent the past 2 years watching Jacob try out different sports. Now it is his turn to be on a team. He is very excited and I am excited about watching him learn to be a member of a team.

- 1st day of church school. This may not be a big deal to everyone but it is for M. He has been waiting to be able to leave the nursery and join his brother at church school. This summer he has been attending "children's church" which is similar but not real church school. Every week he asks if it is time to go to the church school room.

With all of these exciting firsts, I must either find my camera or buy a new one. My boys are growing up and I want to capture some of it on film.

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