Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not Enough Time

I probably shouldn't be blogging. I have a million things to do and only one more day to get things done. My last post was a list of things that I really hoped to get done this weekend. Unfortunately, life is busy and my list is progressing slower than I had hoped. Here is what I have done the past two days.

Here is what I can check off my previous list:

1) Took the cat to the vet.

2) Completed some of my laundry.

3) Got some of the carpet shampooed.

4) Took M to the dentist.

5) Picked up the house (although you can't tell again)

6) Finished the reading for school.

Things I accomplished that weren't on the list:

1) Attended an autism training class.

2) Found Halloween costumes for the kids.

3) Picked up a new cell phone after mine began acting funny. I think it may have had a virus.

Things I hope to do tomorrow:

1) Finish my internet work that is due Thursday. I WILL be completing this no matter what it takes.

2) Going to the doctor. Not a planned appointment but nothing major. It should be quick.

3) More laundry

4) Grocery store

Of course there are more things I need to do but they may have to wait until later this week. M's social worker is stopping by tomorrow afternoon and a friend is visiting for dinner. I don't have class on Thursday so I can run a couple errands that afternoon. Whether the work gets done as soon as I would like or not, I am determined not to let it cause me too much stress or become too overwhelmed. I just have to prioritize my to-do list and get done what I can.

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