Friday, October 8, 2010

Jacob's New Crush

Jacob has a new crush. I admit I am a little jealous. Every morning he wakes up and asks if his teacher, Miss Jessie, will be at school. If I say no he asks if he can come home at lunch stating he will miss me too much while he is at school. If Miss Jessie is going to be there, he tells me he wants to stay all day. He then gets dressed as quickly as he can.

Yesterday I went with the boys' school on a trip to the pumpkin farm. Jacob asked if Miss Jessie was going and I told him she was. He then stated I could stay with M's class and he would go with Miss Jessie. I dropped him off in his class and told him I would see him on the bus.

M and I got on the bus first. Jacob's class was running a little late so everyone was waiting when they arrived. Jacob got on first and walked over to me. I scooted over and he stated, "Mom, can I sit by Miss Jessie?" I said sure and he ran down the aisle.

We arrived at the farm and Jacob's class decided to go by themselves to look at some different animals where it wasn't so crowded. I saw him again about 20 minutes later and went over to say hi. He immediately told me that he was with Miss Jessie and I needed to go back to M's class. I admit my heart dropped at little at the realization that he preferred his teacher to me. Or at least at that moment.

Jacob also rode the bus back to school with Miss Jessie and then decided he wanted to stay to the end of the day. Now I know that Jacob still wants me around and that deep down he liked having me on the field trip. I caught him running towards me a few times and then looking at Miss Jessie. I also know that he is growing up and Miss Jessie won't be the last person to steal him from me.

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