Friday, October 22, 2010

Did You Know...

- 5000 children a year are expelled in the US from state-financed preschools every year.
- Some for-profit schools eject children at twice the rate as public preschools
- There are almost 3 times as many children expelled from day cares and preschools each year as from elementary, middle and high schools

These statistics were all taken from USA Today articles and speak of the very scary reality that our children are suffering in our day cares. We need day care and preschool teachers who are trained in understanding child development, recognizing potential problem behaviors early, dealing with children's behaviors and understanding that positive reinforcement is always better than negative reinforcement. It should not be so easy for day cares to expel children just because they don't fit the norm or are more difficult to deal with than other children (but not violent). My children are lucky in that their current classroom teachers are very good but so many children are not that lucky.

Della Cava, M. (2005, Sept. 21). Out-of-line preschoolers face expulsion. USA Today.

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