Saturday, October 30, 2010

3 Days To Go

3 day to go until election day! Make sure you vote! Think about the issues and the past history. Not just the past two years but the past 10 years. As a society we are very quick to blame people in need of help rather than look at our responsibilty as a society to help each other out. We have very short-term memories and fail to see beyond today. We like to blame victims rather than look at the problems within the system. Sometimes it is easier to believe that we are all secure and nothing bad will ever happen but the truth is life can change in an instant.

How would the candidate you support react to people who find themselves in poverty because of unexpected illness or job loss or just because they are going to school and struggling to pay tuition and their bills? Would he/she see it as his/her own responsibility and have little compassion or would they be willing to support policies and programs to help the person get back on his/her feet and move forward. If the candidate you support cannot seem to answer questions honestly or only thinks about big buisness interests and millionaires but not about the middle class or how to help people struggling today, think twice about your vote. I know who I am voting for and I trust my readers will think beyond the rhetoric and make the right choice. For those of you in Wisconsin, I stronly urge you to think twice before voting for a millionaire who doesn't even know what it is like to work on the line in his own factory much less be willing to discuss his plans for once he is elected.

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