Friday, October 15, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are coming to an end. Jacob and M both had a great time. This was M's first time in lessons and he loved them. Jacob has topped out on lessons until he either turns 6 or increases his endurance a little more. He has mastered the skills so he really only needs to get a little stronger. He will probably move up later this year. M showed no fear and has been passed to the second level on his first try! It appears I will soon have 2 fish swimming through the pool and scaring life guards!

I have already signed the boys up for their next session. I really liked their teachers this time. They were a little older than the high school seniors at their last pool and were very experienced. They had 2 teachers assigned to the youngest kids so that the kids got to spend more time practicing and less time just waiting. I am considering swimming laps while they swim next session. It would be good if we all got some good exercise in the pool.

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