Saturday, October 23, 2010

So Alike We Must Be Related

I am off moved when I think about how much Jacob fits into our family. Granted he has been home for 3.5 years but the similarities between us are uncanny. So many traits that even a doctor mentioned he knows it can't all be enviornmental. Here are some of the ways we are alike:

- Bad teeth. I realize some of Jacob's cavities are from prenatal malnutrition but the overbite and braces in his future? I had some type of device from age 9 to 19. Jacob goes to the same dentist I did as a kid. About six months ago Dr. W stated he can definitely see my genetics in Jacob's teeth. I politely reminded him that Jacob was adopted.
- Bad eyes. I have had glasses or contacts since 4th grade. Jacob is a little ahead of me but getting his first pair sometime next week.
- Love of baseball. Okay. This one may be enviornmental :)
- Size. My mom noticed that at 2.5 years old, Jacob was the exact same height and weight my brother and I were at that age. 2 years later and he gets the same "petite" comments I remember getting. My brother is now 5'9" and I am 5'6" so Jacob will probably be somewhere in there also.
- Personality. People commented at the guest house in Ethiopia that my son was sarcastic and liked to tease. That was just a day after meeting him. He had only been with me for about 3 hours total so I had little influence on that one. His nannies said they would miss his smile. The one he gave whenever he was doing something he knew he shouldn't. He already had the S sense of humor and he was only 17 months. My mom groaned right there.
- Jacob and I both love pink but will settle for red when pink isn't available. For both of us, the more light pink the better. Only I try to convince people it is salmon :)
- Jacob's birthday is 2 days after my grandmother's.
-Jacob acts so much like my brother did at that age and is so similar that I catch myself and my dad calling him Chuck. Of course, I also call him M but that's just because I don't always look to see who I am yelling at :)

I know these similarities are more than just enviornmental. I also know that the similarities are only part of what makes him my son. I don't share all of these traits with M but he is also my son. It is the bond and love that makes us a family. I just really enjoy finding more ways we are alike all the time. And I do have similarities with M but they are definitely more enviornmental than anything else.

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Linda said...

Thanks for writing on my blog that our children are such a match for us no matter how they come to join our families. I loved reading your similar traits between you and your son. I smiled because people say that my son and I smile alike. :)