Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Time To Exercise

So I have decided it is time that I start trying to find time to exercise. This is a very difficult feat. The kids and I always have somewhere to go and on nights where it is quiet I am trying to catch up on homework. I have been watching my kids swim the past few weeks and there is a lap lane that usually has plenty of room for another swimmer. I think it is time that I become that swimmer.

My only question is whether I should swim while the boys do or before. I could swim before their lessons and let them play in the child watch area. They enjoy spending time in there. I could also swim while they have lessons which would require less time but also could be a distraction to the kids. I am thinking that the boys would get tired of watching me after a couple minutes since swimming by themselves is far more exciting but it is still a concern.

They have a lesson tonight and I am trying to decide what to do. I still have a few hours to decide and if whatever I try doesn't seem to work, I can always do something different next week. One of the nice thing about having both boys in lessons at the same time is that I have 30 minutes to myself to swim, relax or maybe even lift weights.

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