Friday, October 29, 2010

Glasses Update

After only 24 hours with his glasses, Jacob is still doing great. His teacher said he wore them all day yesterday without any complaints. He is allowed to take them off when he goes outside or plays sports so I told him he must give them to his teacher at that time. Jacob's teacher reported that he was careful to put them in his case at recess and wanted to put them in his case at nap but the case wasn't in the room at that time. She convinced him that I would not be mad if he just left them on the counter where they would be safe. His teacher also stated that Jacob cleaned them often throughout the day. She even had to tell him to stop cleaning them at one point so that he could finish his work. Apparently, he likes them very clean.

Today is day 2 and I am sure some of the newness is beginning to wear off. I am still proud that he is being very careful with them and making sure he doesn't just set them on the ground and walk away. He seems to like them for the most part. His eyes are still adjusting so he finds them watering or itching from time to time but the doctor states that is normal. His left eye needs to learn to relax as his right eye begins to work harder again. It should feel more normal to him in the next few days.

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