Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preschool and 4K!

Our day care recognizes M's classroom as the first preschool class. I never really gave it much thought since Jacob spent two years in a 3 year old room and I thought of it as more of just day care than school. I guess I was wrong. Not only is it official preschool but the kids celebrated their first day at school yesterday. M walked out of his class and proudly told me that he is in preschool now and a big kid! He then showed me the big fire ball on the floor that says "Blast off to preschool!"

The first day of the school year was a hit for both kids. They got to take their new backpacks filled with school supplies and their new shirts and jackets (Lighting McQueen of course). M absolutely loves having a backpack to take to school and throws a tantrum every morning when he has to put it away in his cubby. He really just wants to carry it around with him all day.

Jacob also had a great first day. He was really nervous since all but one of his friends moved on to kindergarten. He ended up making several new friends yesterday and had a great time. He proudly showed me the painting he made with his new water colors. He was a little disappointed he didn't get homework the first day but his teacher promised to give him some next week. I really wish the homework excitement would last forever. Or at least be contagious and I could get some.

I start class again tomorrow. The last of my new textbooks are scheduled to arrive today and tomorrow. I already have readings to do before tomorrow night. I guess I know how I will be spending my quiet time after the kids go to bed tonight. Ah, another school year has begun. I am very aware that my attitude towards school will have a direct effect on how the boys view their homework and school so I will do my best to appear excited. Even when writing my fifth research paper of the year or so swamped in school work, my job and parenting that I just want to scream. The boys are watching so I will be smiling and sitting down at the table to read.

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