Friday, March 7, 2008


It was one year ago today that I worked my last day of work before leaving to meet Jacob. I had training all day that day and remember trying very hard to concentrate. Every bone in my body was aching to just run out the door and to the airport. I was scared, excited and very happy. I was also a little nervous about not working for 12 weeks.

One year later, Jacob and I are once again preparing for major adjustments in our lives. I am anxiously awaiting my first foster care placement. I have notified my social worker that I will take a child up to seven or eight years old. I am still hoping for a younger child but am willing to consider an older child as well. I can always adopt or foster an infant later.

I am able to take an older child now because I finally received permission to go to dayshift. I will be going to dayshift at the end of April. Jacob will be moving to a full-day daycare/preschool program. He loves his half-day program he is in now so I am sure he will love the full-day program too. I am still working on finding weekend care but I have almost two months for that. I won't panic yet.

People often laugh that there is always something happening in our house. We are either switching shifts, daycares, babysitters or waiting for our next child. I love it that way! We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and our lives. I am always searching for something fun to do that will be either healthy, educational or just a way to relax for a day. The next two weeks will be full of changes but it will also be a great opportunity to learn, have fun and improve our lives.

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Angela :-) said...

Way to go on dayshift! I know you've been waiting for that for awhile.

Angela :-)