Monday, March 17, 2008

Unexpected Changes

Jacob and I arrived in the United States one year ago today. Many things changed that I expected. There have also been many changes that I never expected. Here are a few:

1) Night lights. I also knew that Jacob would need a night light in his room. I prefer my room completely dark so it was a huge shock to find myself installing a night light in my room. It is there now to prevent accidents in the middle of the night visits.

2) Trips to anything kid related. I knew I would enjoy spending time with my son but I never realized how much I would look forward to kid centered events. I love going to the children's museum, the zoo and the park. I now plan adult activities around the kid's activities. I would rather go to the zoo than a band concert any day.

3) Making rules like No Cooking!

4) The extremes I will go to to see my son smile and laugh.

5) It is not unusual for me to find toys hidden in my purse or coat pockets. Some I put there and others are left by my special helper.

6) That Mommy can be a good and bad word to hear. It is great when accompanied by I love you or when my son is happy. It can be not so wonderful when I hear it for the millionth time in five minutes while I am trying to concentrate or talk on the phone.

7) That I could love someone else so much.

8) How much fun it is to just stay home and play with cars.

9) All of the ways a parent can hide vegetables.

10) How wonderful "That's my mommy" sounds from a two year old.

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