Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations President Elect Obama!

No matter what your political beliefs. Last night was a day to celebrate. People from generations who can remember segregation and the battle for civil rights came together with people who have only read about it in history books to elect the first African American man to president of the United States of America.

Over the past several months, we have seen the hatred and racism are still alive in America. I see it on a regular basis at my job from both the people I supervise and the people I work with. I am thankful that my suspicions are correct. The racism that I see there is not as strong throughout the rest of the country and even my city. Things have improved quickly over the past few decades and it will continue to improve.

No one knows what kind of president Mr. Obama will be. While the days months and years ahead will determine his quality as a president, today we can celebrate this victory for all Americans. The world and the country have changed for the greater today. President-Elect Obama may be the first president who is classified as a "minority" and he won't be the last. The doors to the presidency are now open to all American (or at least those born American).

Congratulations President Obama and thank you for breaking down barriers for all of my children.

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Easties and Co. said...

Yes! What an amazing day for our country, our world, and our children!