Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seventeen Kids

Jacob and I were watching a show on TV last night about a family with 17 kids. I cannot imagine having that many children. I have one sibling and always wished we had one or two more children. I know that my family is not complete yet but I think seventeen children is a bit much for me. People regularly ask me how many children I want to have and the answer is that I don't know yet. Maybe one more. Possibly two more but definitelly not 15 more!

Last night Jacob announced that we need more kids in the family. I asked him how many and he stated seventeen like the family on TV. I told him that I thought that might be too many for me to handle. He then stated, "Three Jacobs!" Wow! I love my son but I think one Jacob is definitelly enough.

So now we have one Jacob and one M. I would love to have a girl someday but not for at least another year and maybe longer. I admit that M is pretty settled now and that I have the itch to add to the family again. I just think it would be in everyone's best interest to wait awhile. Two toddlers is enough for this mom right now! It is National Adoption Month and I offer my support to anyone going through the adoption process right now. I just think that fostering M and waiting to see where his case goes is enough for right now. Maybe next year I can begin to think about another adoption.

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