Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank You Sesame Street

I took Jacob to see Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music last night. Jacob was very excited about seeing Elmo and kept asking what Elmo was doing while we were driving to the show. The show started and Bert and Ernie came out. Jacob immediately got a very concerned look on his face. While all the other children clapped, Jacob asked "Where's Elmo?" I assured him Elmo would be out soon.

About 1 minute later, Elmo took the stage. Jacob couldn't contain the excitement. His entire face lit up and his grin was huge. He began giggling, laughing and kicking his feet. This continued for about the next 10 minutes. Many of the children around us had grins on their faces but none compared to the happiness Jacob showed.

Jacob loved the entire show. At one point, he knocked over his soda and was a little concerned. He shouldn't have been though. There was a woman whose only job was to walk around with a mop and bucket and clean up spills. Jacob spent the rest of the show singing, dancing or just quietly watching. During intermission he told me to have them turn the lights off so the show could start again. He didn't want to wait for 15 minutes to see more Elmo!

It was a great night. We got home with a new Elmo doll, grins on our faces and very tired. Jacob was still excited this morning and told his teacher about the show. Thank you Sesame Street for making my son so very happy and giving us a great show and evening.

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Leo said...

Our daughter was Elmo for Halloween. I heard more kids say "Look, there's Elmo Mama" than I heard say 'trick or treat'. Never realized Elmo was such a celeb with the pre-school set.