Saturday, November 1, 2008


This was the first time since I was in high school that I did not have to work on Halloween and was able to stay home and enjoy it. Well, we didn't actually stay home. I was reminded how much fun trick-or-treating is. Jacob was a police officer so that he could "help people." M was a dragon although he didn't really like wearing the costume and refused to wear the hood with the dragon's head. He still had a great time.

We started the night out on our street. We were a little early so many houses hadn't started yet but were able to stop at about half of them. Jacob rang the door bells and remembered to say trick-or-treat and thank you appropriately. M and Jacob had difficulty remembering to only take one or two pieces of candy but were good when stopped.

After our street, we stopped at a couple of friends' houses and then were off to my parents' street. Jacob went to a woman's door and was greeted by a friendly face from church. Jacob knows J well. She said hi to him and he quickly told her his American and Ethiopian names. He then asked if he could go inside. She said ok but I reminded him that we still had several houses to go. He was definitelly making the "political rounds" and politics may be in his future.

Although the boys were both tired at the end of the evening, they had a great time. I learned how much fun it is to just see my kids have fun and walk with them. They will be on sugar highs for the next few days but it was worth it.

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