Friday, November 21, 2008

Doctors and Dentists

This week has been a challenge medically in our household. M came down with his 4th ear infection in 12 weeks. It is very frustrating! Two of the ear infections followed colds. One was discovered when he had pink eye and the other one was related to teething. The doctors aren't concerened and my social worker assures me it is just the way M's body is. I have heard from other parents that their children outgrew the constant ear infections after they stopped teething. I hope so! M is in the middle of teething and won't be teething for more than a few more months.

Jacob started complaining last night about a tooth hurting when he ate. I took him to the dentist and he has a sore on his gums behind his tooth. Nothing major but it is making eating a challenge. He tried eating stuffing and chicken casserole but that proved to hurt too much to eat more than a few bites. He is currently eating a large bowl of cereal. That seems to be working much better. I'm not sure his nutritional needs will be met with just cereal but I'm not really sure what the alternative is. At least it gives him some nutrition and energy.

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Angela :-) said...

Don't worry too much, it's not like he'll be eating only cereal for the rest of his life. Hope things look up soon. You might want to check into colloidal silver for ear infections. I think that's what we used to use. Ask at a health/nutrition store.

Angela :-)