Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Stunning Conversation

Jacob and I talk frequently about adoption and his adoption story. We also talk about other children's stories and he knows that our foster children are with us because their parents' cannot take care of them. The following conversation is not one that came from Jacob's personal story (which I won't share here) but rather his general understanding of adoption. Over the past few weeks he has enjoyed playing "Mommy" and having me be the baby. M is always "Daddy" and also plays a loving role in Jacob's fantacies. Last night the story took a slightly different twist. Here is how it started:

J (said in a loving and soft voice): Baby, your mommy died.

M: Oh, that makes me sad!

J: No! I'm your mommy now! You have 2 mommies.

M: I have two mommies who love me?

J: Yes! One died but I am here forever. You have 2 mommies who love you.

I guess he does understand adoption after all.

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