Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Child Welfare Beginnings

I am now one step closer to beginning a new career in the child welfare system. I have always known that my calling is to work with children. My first major in college was elementary education. I took a part-time job in private security that eventually led me to law enforcement but my favorite calls are always those that involve children.

As the years have gone on, I have remained committed to children. I mentor three girls as well as have my own children. I love being a foster parent and have learned a lot about working with the children and families. The past eight years in law enforcement has helped me prepare to relate and understand the families in the foster care system. As an adoptive and foster parent, I understand the unique challenges that come with these unique parenting situations. I have been active in a single mothers by choice group and of course have experience as part of an multiracial family.

It seems only logical that my new career be in child welfare. I really believe this is where God is calling me to work. I could be wrong but I really feel this is where I belong.

I had an interview yesterday for an internship about an hour away from my home. I will be working as an ongoing social worker in the child protective services unit. Too say I am excited is an understatement. I want to start yesterday. I want to quit my current job and just volunteer there for as many hours and on as many cases as they are willing to let me have. Unfortunately, that isn't possible since I still need to support my family and have a source of income if M's case proceeds to an adoption.

For now, I am just enjoying the knowledge that I am one step closer to my new career. I will learn a lot over the next several months. I will qualify for my social work license at the end of the school year and have a lot of options. Until then, I am excited to finally be on the path I need to travel to make my life and my children's lives better.

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