Monday, August 24, 2009


How I wish I had pictures. I really need to get back into the habit of carrying it with me. Here is a review of yesterday even though I don't have any pictures to go with it.

-I worked during the day and the kids stayed with one of their weekend babysitters. The kids had fun playing in the yard. The dad kept throwing a football over the house that the boys would then run and try to find. Apparently they did this for most of the afternoon. I know they were still having lots of fun when I arrived to pick them up.

-We had our work picnic last night. I was tired and wasn't really feeling up to going. Jacob really wanted to go and it was free so I decided we would make an appearance. I am glad we did. Jacob and M got bubbles that they quickly decided were fun to pour out and use as soap instead. They refused to eat dinner since it was only about 4:00 so I let them fill up on popcicles and cookies instead. I know. I won't get any mothering awards for it but the boys had fun so I didn't really care. It was only one night. I really enjoyed the food though and left stuffed.

- We saw some neighbors we hadn't seen for awhile when we got home. I love summer and seeing neighbors outside. I'm not sure where everyone has been hiding this summer or maybe we just haven't been home to see them. Last night we were able to catch up for awhile.

- We headed over to my parents' house for a little while later in the evening. Of course, they were just getting ready to eat when we arrived. The boys managed to get enough food to create a well-balanced diet of hotdogs and fruit. Much better for them than what they ate earlier in the day.

- Jacob asked me to play a game with him. That is something we hadn't done together before. He always lost interest fairly quickly and would decide to play his own way. I would get frustrated and quit. Last night was different though. We played Candy Land and Hi-Ho Cherry-O. He managed to win at both without cheating. I was amazed at his beginner's luck and promised to play again soon. M had a lot of fun trying to interfere with the game by stealing pieces but eventually settled down to just playing with the extra cherries and buckets with Grandma.

- M had a great time working on puzzles with Uncle Chuck and then playing with a flashlight. It amazes me that his favorite toy is a cheap flashlight and not one of the more expensive toys that looked so fun in the store. Simple is definitelly better sometimes. I enjoy watching the many things he can play with a stick or with a flashlight. It really gives me a glimpse into his mind and what he is thinking. I can see why play therapy can be so effective.

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