Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We are enjoying our final evening in the Yellowstone evening. I promise I will post pictures soon.

The trip so far has gone very well. We left Thursday night and drove about five hours. Friday morning we drove about 3 hours and stopped at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. We then drove about 5 hours and saw Mt. Rushmore. We were running a little later than I had hoped so we stopped at Quiznos for a quick dinner. We then drove the rest of the way to the hotel.

On the way to the hotel we saw several antelopes and buffalo. I wasn't sure what the antelope were since I had never seen them before. I knew they didn't look like deer but wasn't sure what else they could be. A quick phone call confirmed what I had guessed that they were very beautiful antelope. The kids and I all really enjoyed seeing the animals.

Saturday we finished driving to Yellowstone. We arrived at the hotel fairly late and just decided to spend time there. After two days in the car, Brooke and Jasmine really needed teenager time away from young children and old ladies (me). The boys and I enjoyed a nice dip in the hotel swimming pool before going to bed.

We spent the past three days hiking and driving around Yellowstone. We saw more buffalo, mule deers, elk and mountain goats. I really enjoyed the boiling mud pools and the geisers. We got some nice pictures.

As you head into the park, there are several signs telling you to stay away from the animals. The park guide states to stay at least 500 feet from all animals except bears and wolves. Then you need to stay 300 yards away. That is great except when the animals won't stay away from you. We had a family, including babies, of buffalo pass right in front of our car. I admit I got a little nervous when the 2000 pound male stopped and looked right at me. He was only inches from my front bumper and no more than 6 feet from me. Of course, I was in the car but that wasn't much comfort when his big horns are aimed right at me and he is looking directly at me. We did get some good pictures of him though.

Tonight we are swimming and then packing for the trip tomorrow. I plan to leave by 7 AM and begin the drive to Colorado. We should reach our hotel in the late afternoon/early evening tomorrow depending on how much we stop and if there are any delays.

Pictures coming soon.

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