Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference

I had Jacob's mid-year parent-teacher conference today. I was impressed and proud to say the least. His goals for the Spring are to stay on task and continue to work on writing letters. He is able to write all of his letters when he wants to, can read them and knows their sounds and can write his first and last name. He has completed all of the academic skills his teacher hopes to teach the kids this school year and has been helping other children learn.

Jacob and M change schools in about a week. I am looking forward to talking to Jacob's new teacher about Jacob's first semester and what I would like to see for the second semester. He should continue to do well and amaze me. Just a few days ago he showed me half an orange. He drew an imaginary line down the middle and stated "Look Mom. Here's one half and here's the other" while pointing to each side of the imaginary line. I am still planning to enroll him in 4K next year and start kindergarten the following year. I'm sure I could enroll him in kindergarten next fall if I had him tested but don't want to push him too hard. He is doing so well now and I want him to keep that self-confidence and motivation to learn.

I wasn't able to attend M's conference and hope to get his evaluation paperwork soon. He is younger though so his evaluation is just on child development and socialization. I already know he is doing well and has shown huge improvements in the past few months. He will also do well in his new school. He will be in 3 year old preschool next year and 4K the following year (one year behind Jacob). For now, I mostly just want him to continue to learn to get along with other kids and continue to learn his colors, shapes and other basic things.

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