Friday, February 5, 2010

Surprise Job Interview

Last Monday I was sitting in a team meeting for on-going social workers. It is the job that I have been doing my internship with and I absolutely love. I had applied for the position but didn't really expect to get it. Just hoping that I would. The supervisor began talking about the current hiring process and stated that everyone had already been notified who was going to get interviews. I hadn't received a phone call so was feeling more disappointed than I expected but understood. I don't have my social worker license yet and won't have it until after May. That is a major roadblock in my job hunt so I was planning to just apply again after I receive my license.

The interviews were scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday this week. On Wednesday morning my cell phone rang and I saw the child welfare supervisor's name on the caller ID. My first reaction was that they were calling because there was a communication problem and someone forgot to tell me about my interview. I immediately laughed at myself and then began trying to think about which family might be having a problem or if I had forgotten any paperwork they might need.

As soon as I got a break at work, I listened to the message. The supervisor stated she had heard from the social worker I was working with that I had not been contacted about interviews. She apologized and wanted me to call her back and tell her if I could come in that afternoon or the next day. Unfortunately, I wasn't available that afternoon since I was already at work but left her a message that I would come any time she wanted over the next two days.

I was able to interview at the end of the day yesterday. I know that the competition is very fierce. There are three of us that I know fairly well and all have very different experiences and will do a great job. I know they will hire who they believe is most qualified. It would be the perfect job though. Close to home but not in my county so I can still be a foster parent, a great group of people that I get along with and a department that shares my values. The last one is especially important since many of my current frustrations occur when my value system doesn't match my supervisor and co-workers values.

I should hear in a couple weeks who got the job. I won't be upset either way. It was great to just be one of 8 finalists and to be considered for the job. I am honored that they either considered me.

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