Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ready For A New School

Jacob and M begin a new school/daycare tomorrow. I am hoping they can stay there for at least the next year and a half until Jacob begins kindergarten. This daycare seems really great. It is always full and almost always has a waiting list. Openings never last long and we were really lucky to be able to get in right away. One of my friends called about Jacob's class a few days after we registered and was placed on a waiting list. M got the last spot in his class and actually has one day this week that he will have to stay with my dad because there isn't room.

I spent today doing laundry and organizing school supplies. Each child now has a backpack with 3 extra outfits, clean nap blankets, winter outdoor clothing by the front door, outfits picked out for their first day and new haircuts so they are handsome. They are ready. We talked about keeping our old friends but also making new friends. They are nervous but excited about meeting new kids.

I am still feeling sad about the way that we had to leave the last school. It didn't have to be as ugly as it was. I may never know exactly why the director is no longer willing to work with families or why some of the decisions are being made. I do know that the church it is affiliated with has been having an increasing presence in the daycare and the problems seem to be growing with the church's involvement. My guess is that the daycare is becoming a revenue source for the church and the director and teachers are having less control over their center.

Whatever is happening, I am glad that we are leaving. We will miss our friends and teachers there but I know I made the right decision for my children. Tomorrow is a new day and new school. Hopefully the kids will make new friends and have fun in their new classes. I am sure we are all nervous about nothing.

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