Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day and American Idol

Tonight is a snow day. We are only getting around 6 inches but Appleton (where I go for school) is getting closer to 9 inches. The professor cancelled class so I get to spend a much needed evening at home with the kids. All I can say is whew! We just don't get to stay home very often.

So what are our plans for the evening? Well, what better than an American Idol party. I used to have these with Jacob when he first came home. He loved watching the singing. I would make a frozen pizza and we would sit on the blanket and eat our pizza and watch TV. I don't think Jacob remembers those evenings but I do. Just him and me relaxing together and enjoying each other.

Tonight we are eating egg rolls and crab rangoon while we watch American Idol. There are also 3 of us instead of just 2. The result is the same though. A relaxing evening with my boys where the pressure and fast pace of life can slip away.

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