Thursday, April 5, 2007


We went to our first appointment with the dermatologist today. JM also had his first laser treatment on his birthmark (port wine stain). I think he is beautiful just the way he is. I am concerned that he will be teased and have more problems with it when he is older.

JM did wonderful. He got scared when they wrapped him up in a sheet (to keep him still) and covered his eyes. He then cried afterwards but it was his "I'm very angry at you" cry and not his "I'm hurt" cry. After three weeks, I am pleased to say I know the difference. I hear the "I'm angry" cry at least once a day. That is just part of having a toddler.

JM's face now has little marks that look like cigarette burns on his face. They don't seem to hurt though. He still rests that side of his head on the floor and doesn't seem to flinch when he or I touch it. I felt guilty for putting him through the ordeal though so I bought him a new toy at Toys R Us. The new toy actually became two toys when I discovered they had a sale and the second toy would be free. Who can turn down free toys? Plus, it is so much fun when I bring out a new toy to open and play with. He jumps up and down waving his arms and saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!" Now who could ever resist that?

All in all, we are still doing very well. Jacob has begun calling me Mama and even gave me my first kiss today. He has always given me hugs but I think he just needed to learn how to kiss. His first one was a little awkward but he has the hang of it now.

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Angela :-) said...

Yeah, free toys! LOL