Friday, April 13, 2007

More Transitions

We have now met many of my friends and are preparing to meet relatives during the next two months. There are still more friends to meet but we have plenty of time. Diane was nice enough to help Jacob learn to use his shape sorter and Troy helped him learn about butterflies at the museum in Milwaukee. It is wonderful to have friends who enjoy visiting with Jacob.

We have a new friend to meet tomorrow. She will require adjusting for all of us but having her here will be worth it. Trudie is coming from South Africa to live with us for a year. She is currently in New York City being trained and will arrive in Madison tomorrow night. I have been busy over the past few days trying to get ready for her. We are almost there.

It will be so wonderful to have someone here to help with Jacob. She is coming as part of a government cultural exchange program for au pairs (similar to nannies). She will live with us and be considered a member of the family. Our family now consists of Jacob, Trudie, Mommy, a dog and 3 cats. I am now officially out of bedrooms and playrooms. I will either need to buy a bigger house or stop adding to the family. For a few years, I will just take a break from new additions to the family. A new house would be more fun but I can barely afford the one I have now.

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