Saturday, April 14, 2007

One Month Ago Today

Jacob and I attended the fair well ceremony at the orphanage one month ago today. We still had 2 days left in Ethiopia but we would spend it together. There would be no more tear-filled goodbyes as I dropped him off at the orphanage for the night. I wouldn't have to watch adults hold back tears as we drove back to the guest house already missing our children and only wanting to hold them a little longer. It was time to start our lives together and Jacob and I were ready.
Our first night together was quiet and peaceful. Jacob went to sleep around 8 PM and I was soon asleep in the bed beside his. He slept soundly only waking up once during the night. I woke up every time he moved and sometimes just to watch him sleep. He woke up the next morning well rested. I was exhausted and ready for a nap. Sleeping has gotten better. He now sleeps through most nights and I no longer wake up to watch him breathe. I do still wake up and wish I could sleep a little longer.
Jacob and I have gotten to know each other well over the past month. I now know what toys he likes (any that make noise) and what he doesn't like (most vegetables and nap time.) There are still moment that I feel overwhelmed and wonder what I am doing. Those times are getting rare and a little time with friends or family calms all worries. Jacob is still a happy child who loves to play and sometimes get in trouble. He still smiles and tries to be cute when he knows he is about to get in trouble.
Jacob is now about an inch taller and 2 pounds heavier. He is more coordinated and no longer has the toddler awkwardness when he walks. He is nicer to the animals but still occasionally needs to be reminded not to pull their ears or hit their faces. He loves to giggle and dance to music. He speaks about 10 English words and understands most of what is said. He is a typical 18-month-old toddler and surprises me everyday.


Susy Q said...

Wow, ten English words! That's excellent progress in one month! He must really be a smarty-pants!

CDS said...

Hi Heather,

Would you be willing to share any info with me about your au pair and who you worked with to meet her, and the monthly costs., etc., I live in central Wisconsin. My email address is

Cindy S.

Angela :-) said...

I love his yellow & navy outfit. Xavier has had several in those colors.

Angela :-)