Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jacob had lots of firsts today

It is amazing to watch as Jacob grows each day. I watched Jacob cry as I combed the tangles out of his hair this morning. I have been meaning to get him a haircut but just hadn't gotten to it yet. Each day his hair was getting a little longer and harder to comb. I decided it just couldn't continue so we took our first trip Cost Cutters. It was traumatic. Jacob seemed ok until he realized it was his hair falling around him. Then the screaming began. He didn't stop even after they gave him a sucker. The ladies were great though. They cheered him on and he was able to finish the haircut. He now has a much "cleaner" looking head of hair that will hopefully be easier to comb.

After the haircut, I decided we should take advantage of the warm weather. We stopped at a park and Jacob enjoyed climbing on the playground. He also went down the slide by himself for the first time. I had helped him down before but this was the first time he went alone. He fell off at the bottom once but soon learned to slow down at the bottom.

For those watching what "phase" Jacob is in now, let me update you. Kitty is still a favorite word but not used exclusively now. He no longer searches for "Kitty" whenever he gets bored. His new phase is to go in the kitchen and demand a "cookie" even if it is just minutes before dinner. Twice in the past week he has tried to get me to give him only cookies for dinner. Unfortunately, I can be just as stubborn as him and even better at ignoring his tantrums. He is beginning to learn to eat more at dinner and then ask for a cookie. That strategy works much better. Although all of the battles go out the window at Grandpa's. Grandpa will give a cookie almost anytime Jacob asks and smiles :)

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Angela :-) said...

Your dad? No, it couldn't be. LOL He was so smitten in Ethiopia! LOL

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