Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dog or Child

OK. I realize this is just a phase. I just try to laugh and not think about how gross it is. Jacob has discovered that pretend play is a lot of fun. His favorite game is now to pretend he is a dog. He carries dog toys in his mouth, hides the dog's rawhides, lays on the floor in the kitchen slurping water out of the dog's water bowl and even occasionally tries to give kisses by licking. At first it was cute and funny. Now, it is just another phase I hope if short lived. Of course, I try to prevent the water drinking and licking but he still catches me when I am distracted. He is a good child who is growing stronger everyday.

The au pair arrived last week and it is nice to have some help. I can get some homework done, housework and just relax a little more. She is also settling in and adjusting to American culture. Life here is so much different than in some other countries. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for her and Jacob to move to a new country where they did not know anyone.

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