Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Social Worker Visit

We had a visit with our adoption social worker yesterday. Jacob arrived for the meeting with mud on his pants, tears on his face and a toy stethoscope around his neck. No he wasn't hurt. We were 30 minutes early for the appointment and decided to go to the park. The mud was from crawling on the wet equipment. The tears were because he did not want to leave. The stethoscope was a two-day phase. He refused to leave it at home. I grabbed his shoes and said we were leaving. He grabbed his stethoscope and put it around his neck.

So what else have we been doing this week? The above picture was taken when my yard was full of young people. Our friends Jasmine and Brooke, 13 and 12 years old, came over to make chocolate chip cookies. Later Jasmine left and returned with her cousin. Trudie, Jacob, Jasmine, Brooke, their cousin and I all ended up outside. The above picture is Jasmine and Jacob spending a quiet moment on the steps.

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