Sunday, April 1, 2007

2 pounds in less than 2 weeks!

I knew JM was growing fast! I had to take him (and me) to urgent care for skin infections last night. They weighed him while he was there and he now weighs 2 pounds more than at our first doctor appointment on March 19. It is amazing to watch how much he is changing in such a fast time.

Some people have been asking how he is coming in learning English. He understands everything I say (I think) and gives me his I got caught smile when he misbehaves. He is learning new words every day. Today he told me to "sit down" while he was playing on a cardboard box. I gently explained that the box would collapse if I sat on it. He giggled and began scribbling with a pen on the box. He also loves to tell me "you did it" any time he catches me making a mistake. There are many other words and phrases he has learned but I don't want anyone falling asleep on me.

We made it all the way through our second church service without crying. The only time I left with him was to change his diaper. He slept through the sermon and only woke up after communion. It was nice to hold him during the service and watch him sleep. He really is a sweet kid (even when he is not sleeping).

I also found out JM will be going on his first vacation in May! We are going to Branson Missouri to visit my mom's brother, sister-in-law and mother. I also learned that my aunt (dad's brother's ex-wife) lives 50 miles from there. We are making plans to see her since we will be so close. I saw her briefly at my cousin's wedding about 10 years ago. Otherwise, I haven't seen her since my 8th birthday party. I am very excited! Of course, Jacob doesn't know about any of this yet but will have a great time.

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