Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reaching Out to Friends and Family

Jacob and I have had a great week. Not only have we passed the initial classes and home visit for foster care, but we also saw new and old friends tonight. Jacob and I attended a meet and greet with other families who have adopted from Ethiopia or are hoping to adopt from Ethiopia. We met two of the adoption social workers who either met Jacob or knew about him while he waited for a family. Jacob had a great time running around with the other children and playing with them. Everyone had a great time.

This weekend is another busy weekend. We are going to a friend's house to be with other families headed by single-mothers-by-choice. The girls I mentor are spending the night on Saturday and we are all going swimming with the church on Sunday. I don't remember a month that has been as busy as this past month has been for us. I always thought this time of year slowed down! I'm not complaining though. It has been great making new friends and seeing our old friends lately. I can't believe that one year ago I was dreaming of busy family weekends like this.

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