Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Letter From The Pool

Dear Mom of the little blond girl at the pool,

Jacob and I had a great time swimming at the new pool. The sprinklers were fun and the slide was fast!

I am sorry you chose not to join us. You chose to direct your daughter away from us whenever we came near. You refused to share your toy and wouldn't let your daughter play with the toys Jacob touched. You seemed nervous whenever we were nearby.

I realize you may not see too many families that look like ours. You probably come from a neighborhood where everyone looks alike. Maybe you have never had friends who did not come from your culture or part of the world. I just want you to know what you are missing.

While your daughter sat shivering under her towel (because you finally led her away from the pool), Jacob and I had a great time playing together. Jacob barely noticed you and really did not care that you were not being friendly. I noticed but only felt pitty. You see, we do not care if you agree with our family or the way we look.

Jacob and I went to the pool to have fun and play. We are sorry you chose not to join us. I hope that next time you will show your daughter how to share, be friendly and play with others. If not, I will continue to feel sorry as your daughter is forced to watch from the side.

Jacob and I will be in the pool when you are ready to join us. Until that time, enjoy watching from the side.


The beautiful family from the pool.

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Angela :-) said...

Love your letter. Sorry for the situation that prompted it.

Angela :-)