Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where Is Spring?!?

The weather is finally a little warmer today. It has been very cold (highs only in the low teens on good days) for about the past month. The problem is that while the weather has begun to warm up (high in the 20s) there is too much ice on the ground to play outside. It will take a couple days of warmer weather before we can go outside again.
Jacob (and everyone else around here) are very tired of being outside. The above mess was created in about 2 seconds. I told Jacob "don't make a mess" while giving him the crayons. After I found the crayons and play-doh supplies all over the floor, Jacob replied, "Colors dump out up high." I am preparing to clean up the mess while dreaming about warm Summer days in a park with green grass (not snow) and a 2 year old boy running off all of his energy. I can only hope those days are here soon.

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Angela :-) said...

I hear you on that!

Angela :-)