Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Panic

I just realized that I forgot to help M buy a Christmas present for Jacob. With only one more evening to go, I better get it done tonight. I have to work tomorrow (and Christmas day) so that only leaves me about an hour after work today. I guess I will be going to the store in my work clothes again. Oh, well. It will be worth it on Christmas.

Jacob made reigndeer food at school yesterday. It is oats and glitter. According to the note on the food, the glitter helps the reigndeer find the food and our home. Jacob is concerned that Santa might break a window when he lands. I promised him that I would fix the window if Santa breaks it.

Jacob is still convinced Santa will be bringing us a new home. I keep telling him that Santa doesn't bring houses. He suggested that he and I build one after Christmas then. I wish it was that easy.

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