Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Day!

Jacob and I woke up to the ground covered in snow. I don't know the totals yet but I am guessing about 7 inches of snow. The schools in the area are all closed which means his daycare is also closed. This wouldn't be a huge deal since I was planning on keeping him home today but I forgot his snowpants at school. I tried putting garbage bags around his legs and tying them with garbage bags. Those are the white things around his legs in the above photos. It didn't work very well though. They kept sliding down his legs even with the rubber bands.

Jacob and I finished the driveway and turned on the news. It stated that most of the snow had fallen and that the main roads were improving. I got M and Jacob dressed and we headed off to shop for new snow pants. We had to go to three stores but we found some! We will be shoveling the driveway one more time and playing outside again later today.

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Angela :-) said...

Gotta give you props for creativity! :-)

I usually go for a pair of swishy athletic pants over their other pants.

(Email me please, I've misplaced your email address. Thanks.)

Angela :-)