Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Swimming Lesson Not Learned

Jacob had his final swimming lesson for this session last night. He is even more confident in the water than when he started. He kept letting go of the railing and trying to swim on his own. Although the teacher and I kept telling him to stop, he refused. Finally, she turned her back to help another student when Jacob let go and slipped off the platform the kids stand on. As he swam under the water, the teacher began to quickly move to grab him. At the same time two other preschoolers let go and now three of the four kids were underwater. Before the parents could even react, the teacher had all three kids scooped up and safely back on the railing.

All three kids began crying. The teacher quickly checked them over and told them they were fine. Jacob continued to cry and I was just getting ready to walk over and try to calm him down. Then the teacher handed him the toy cup he had dropped and he was fine again. After class I learned that the other two boys were crying because they were scared. Jacob was crying because he dropped the toy and he wasn't sure the teacher would return it. He still has no fear and has not learned to hang on. He definitelly needs to continue swimming lessons before he hurts himself!

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