Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas

I finally have a somewhat quiet moment in the house. The boys are up and playing which is why it is only some what quiet. I thought I would take a moment to explore my new computer and update everyone on our Christmas. You will have to scroll down to the entries I made Christmas day to see some pictures.

I was originally planning on working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I always ask off work for both of those days but wasn't able to get them off this year. I couldn't turn my request slips in until about 3 months after most of the people on my shift since I didn't move to dayshift until May. My parents were going to babysit the boys and I was dreading spending another holiday at work.

Those plans were changed on Tuesday. About 40 minutes before my shift ended, scheduling called and told me I could take Christmas Day and the day after off work. That was if I still wanted them. I quickly stated I would love to have them off. Not only would I be home for Christmas but Jacob's daycare is closed this week and I could spend some time with him and M.

Christmas Eve was okay. The service was fun except that M was very tired and a little hungry. He spent most of the service having temper tantrums in the cry room. Jacob really enjoyed the service though and particpated in children's time as well as getting a box of Christmas cookies at the end of the service.

Christmas Day was much better. The boys really enjoyed the festivities. This was the first year that Jacob really seemed to understand what was going on. He is normally fairly slow to wake up in the morning. I told him Santa had come as I left the room to get M out of his crib. Jacob jumped out of bed and beat me to the living room. Santa didn't disappoint them. Jacob received the firetruck he really wanted and M received the megablocks and Disney cars he has been eyeing at the store.

We went to my parents' house to open presents and discovered this was the year of duplicate gifts. I had made lists of gift ideas for all of us and left it for my family. Each list had about 15 ideas on it but apparently we all think alike. M received the same outfit I had bought him to wear Christmas Eve. Jacob had the exact same outfit from my parents and from me. I had been hinting that I needed new pots and pans and received sets from my brother and my parents. M also received megablocks from Santa and from my brother. It was fun to laugh at all of the duplicate gifts and play with the boys' new toys. Who new Playskool's ball popper could keep kids and adults entertained for long periods of time?

The rest of the day was fun and pretty much uneventful as Christmas should be. I ventured out to buy batteries for the ball popper (I had bought the wrong size earlier) and found I was not the only one appreciating that Walgreens was open. We had Christmas dinner at noon and then it was time for some very short naps. My mom and I took Jacob to a movie in the afternoon while M stayed home with my dad and brother.

I spent Friday doing my part to stimulate the economy. The experts weren't kidding when they said prices have been slashed. I returned the duplicate clothes and pots and pans and helped the boys spend their Christmas money. I also stopped and bought a new computer. I have bought things from this store before and never had them willing to cut prices just to have me take their products. That is what they did this time. When I stated I wouldn't pay as much as they wanted for the computers in stock, they knocked another $150 off to get me to buy one that day. I gladly accomodated them and accepted the deep discounts to get a computer that is virus free and much faster than my old one. I now plan to get the old computer fixed and let the teenagers upload their programs and play on it.

It was a very nice holiday and I am enjoying spending time with my family. I really enjoyed having J and B over yesterday to shop, play on the computer and then have dinner at my parents house. The laughter and giggles went on for over 2 hours last night before I told everyone it was time to go home. I don't know if my parents enjoyed the noise and activity as much as they claimed but is was fun to see everyone having so much fun.

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