Friday, May 21, 2010

Challenges and Excitement

It has been one of those weeks that are full of challenges but also fun and excitement. Here is a summary of the week.

- Our house has been dealing with some lingering effects of child neglect. There are days that I get really frustrated but know that the behaviors are what once helped this child to survive. I just wish people would consider the lasting effects their actions have on their children. I don't ever hate the abusers but I do hate the abuse. I don't know if that even makes sense to most people but it is how I can work with parents who abuse their children. There are so many reasons behind why the abuse occurred that I try not to judge the parents. Rather I just work with the children and parents to overcome past abuse and prevent future abuse.

- Jacob started t-ball last weekend. I have some great pictures if/when I have time to call the cable company and find out why my internet is not working. Jacob spent the first game laying in the dirt, the second game twirling around on third base and chewing on his glove and the last game standing by the other team's third base coach pretending he was the coach also. He even asked the coach questions about what he was doing and had the coach teaching him how to coach!

-Jacob loves to bat and is getting pretty good at hitting the ball off the team. He enjoys running the bases afterwards. Another boy on Jacob's team just likes hitting the ball. Every at bat, he calmly hits the ball as hard as he can. He then casually walks back to the dugout smiling and looking relaxed. He is definitely the calmest batter I have every seen. I love 4-year-old t-ball! Just don't expect a lot of actual baseball.

-M had his 3rd birthday. We celebrated with a party at a nearby YMCA. M and his friends had a great time. His favorite gift was a road mat that he can drive his matchbox cars on. Jacob picked it out for him. Sometimes the simplist toys are the best.

- I started playing softball again. This was the first time I have ever played slow pitch. It was different but fun. We won the game! We will be playing on Monday nights. After the game I asked Jacob if he saw anyone laying on the ground or chewing on their glove. He stated, "No. They did that while I was at the playground."

- My parents returned from a trip to Italy. I haven't heard how it went yet. They got back late last night. My brother was kind enough to come to town to pick them up from the airport. Thanks Chuck!

-I watched a JV soccer game. One of the kids I mentor, B, was playing. She is a really good athlete and I always enjoy watching her play.

- The weather finally warmed up and I grilled salmon for the first time. It wasn't a big hit with the kids but I enjoyed it. I plan to grill it again tonight but this time I'll grill something else for the kids.

- My grades for the semester came in. They were slightly lower than last semester. I had a lot going on. I wasn't able to study at work much, M's case made significant progress and I had to complete an adoption study (for when he is finally legally free) and my foster home license had to be renewed. I was pleased that I did as well as I did in school with everything else going on.

- The kids and I had a picnic lunch with two friends at the zoo on Monday. It was fun to finally be able to spend time together outside in the sunshine.

Jacob, M and I really enjoyed our first week free from school. It was nice to have evenings free and even a few days off work. I plan to take time to relax and enjoy life every day this summer. The fall semester will be here too soon...

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