Monday, May 10, 2010

What Now?

It feels weird. I keep thinking that there must be something I need to do that I am forgetting about. After all, I have literally raced from one activity to another for the past nine months without any extra time. I was either working, studying, writing papers, caring for my children or trying to squeeze in a load of laundry. Usually I was practicing my multi-tasking skills and doing more than one of those at all times. If I actually took a couple hours for myself, I felt guilty. I knew that I would pay for it later when I had to rush even more to get caught up again.

Today was different. I knew this day was coming and that it will be an adjustment. A good adjustment but an adjustment just the same. I finished my last paper of the semester this morning (10 pages) and then sat there wondering what to do. Suddenly nothing was calling me to get done as soon as possible. It was wonderful.

I pulled out my calendar and realized I now have time to do things just for fun. I began planning activities for this weekend. So far we have a t-ball game on Saturday morning, M's birthday party Saturday afternoon, church Sunday morning and possibly the zoo on Monday. Our schedule is still full but almost all fun things now. Activities that won't affect my grade or career. Just opportunities to enjoy time with my kids. It is great. We all need this time together and I can't wait to spend time just enjoying life again.

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