Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Is Here

Jacob excitedly told me that this weekend marks the beginning of Summer. And it does. We got a kiddie pool (pictures to come) last Wed. The boys have spent as much time as I would allow Wed evening and last night in it. They love to fill it up as high as I will allow and don't seem to care how cold the water is. I am pretty sure we got our money's worth out of that pool in just the past three days and they have a long way to go this summer.

I am forced to work this weekend and my weekend sitter is out of town. That leaves my parents to watch the kids. They decided to go to a state park for the day today and the kids are really excited about it. M told me it is a "drowning lake" but he will swim with Grandpa so he doesn't drown. Jacob told me as long as he stays in close to shore he won't drown and that he will be careful. The lake they are going to is shallow for quite a ways out so he may not even have to wear a life jacket if he promises to stay near Grandpa in the water.

I am extremely jealous of course. Going to the state park is one of my favorite activities of the summer. We only went once last year but I vowed to go more this year. There are many things I plan to do since we decided we can't afford any big trips. Here are some of my "plans."

- Swimming at the state park
- Camping
- Trip to an amusement park for young kids
- Many trips to the zoo
- Trips to the local gardens
- Picnic lunches at the park
- Visit a nearby cave
- The newly renovated children's museum (when it opens)
- Grilling in the driveway while the kids ride bikes and play
- Work in my garden
- Circus World Museum

I'm not sure how many of these activities we will actually get. I am sure we will do most of them. My number one goal is just to relax and have fun with the kids. I really like the ages they are at and want to enjoy every moment I can with them.

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