Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Day To Remember

Today is a mother's day to remember for good and bad reasons. The day started off on a positive. My last alarm (I set three in hopes one of them will actually get me out of bed in a timely manner) and I sat up. I thought up getting out of bed and even started thinking about everything I needed to do before going to work. At 5:00 exactly, I called work. I was told that there were extra people working and I was the first on the list of people who asked off and were denied the day. I quickly told him I did want the day off and to charge it to my vacation time. Yeah! That meant an entire day to spend with my boys. I had no idea what I was getting into.

I quietly put the phone away and went back to sleep. Ahh. A chance to get some extra sleep. Little did I know how much I would need it. At about 6:15 AM, the first child woke up. Jacob asked if we were going anywhere. I told him I had gotten the day off work and we would be going to church in a few hours. He asked, "Your boss said it was okay?" I told him my boss had said it was okay and we would be spending the day together. Jacob responded with a "yippee!"

I suggested that Jacob and I sleep in a little longer. Jacob is a child who enjoys having sleep habits similar to a teenager. He would stay up until the wee hours of th morning if I let him but also loves to sleep in. He snuggled in close to me and we went back to sleep. About 6:45 am, M came into the room. He asked to watch cartoons. I agreed and he immediately climbed into bed. Cartoon watching didn't last long. After about 10 minutes, both boys were up and playing. They let me stay in bed for about half an hour longer before asking if it was Mother's Day. I told them it was and Jacob asked if I would open my presents. Who am I to turn down presents?

As I began to unwrap the first gift, the boys told me I had to share them. I had been warned that the boys had spent a long time at the dollar store looking for just the perfect gift. Jacob bought me gummy life savers and M bought me a box of Dots candy. Perfect! I love both kinds and promised I would give them both some later in the day.

Jacob also gave me a bronzed shoe he made in school and M gave me a handmade book. The book was my favorite gift of the year. Here is an excerpt.

Why do I love my mom? Because I want to!
My mom's name is "Mommy"
My mom is "4" years old.
My mom is pretty when "she wears pink"
My mom always says "Go to your room and stay there until I say!"
My mom is funny when "she watches movies with me."

Earlier in the week he had done a project in his room. The teacher asked all of the kids "What is your favorite thing to do with your mom?" M's answer was, "Get in trouble." Yep. That sums up M pretty well. I love him to death but he does seem to enjoy getting in trouble.

After gifts were opened, we headed to McDonald's for breakfast and then church. Let's just say they were not the best behaved children there. I actually wondered who's kids they were for awhile. Both of them know how to behave but they seemed to be a little too excited to have an extra day with Mom. It didn't help that it was confirmation Sunday and the church was packed.

After church, we went shopping for vegetables for our garden. I was surprised to find strawberry plants. I have never planted strawberries before but it sounds great. These plants are suppose to produce fruit all summer. I guess I will find out soon. We are also planting tomatoes and green peppers. I am hoping to get some carrots and green onions planted.

The boys took nice long naps and I wrote my last paper of the semester. I still have a little work to do before I turn it in on Tuesday but it is mostly done. It is my last paper of the semester and a huge relief to finish it.

This afternoon we went to shopping and bought the party favors and decorations for M's birthday party next weekend. I still need to find a birthday cake. I am hoping to get that done after work tomorrow. We had dinner and then planted the vegetables and strawberries. We finished off the day with a walk around the block and said hi to some neighbors outside.

Overall it was a good day. Yes, the boys frustrated me and M went to bed a little early after pouring water all over the bathroom floor. Right now he is refusing to go to sleep. I guess he will be tired tomorrow. He is in his room and that is pretty much all I can ask. I can continuously go to his room and put him in bed but that just makes the fight longer and rewards him with attention. Hopefully he will go to sleep soon so he can have a good day tomorrow.

It was a mother's day with good and bad. Just like most of parenthood. I hope everyone else had a good mother's day.

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