Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Family Doesn't Match

Jacob had a confession to make in the car today. He is tired of people asking him if M is his friend. He stated he always answers that M is his brother not his friend but he still wishes people would just see that. Jacob also confessed that he wonders if we can be a real family if we don't "match." I responded by asking him all of the ways we do match. At first he didn't understand but I pointed out that our favorite color is pink. Here are other ways Jacob and I match:

- We both like the movie Cars.
- We both prefer gummy candy and fruity candy over chocolate.
- We both love baseball.
- We both enjoy riding bikes.
- We both love M.
- We both like spaghetti.
- We both like ice cream.
- We both love to swim and would live in water if we could.
- We both enjoy watching movies.
- We love to have "Idol parties."
- We both love to go for walks when the weather is nice.
- We both enjoy going to the park and playing on the slides.

There are many other ways that Jacob and I "match." We decided that what we look like on the outside isn't important. We match on the outside in many ways. We also agreed that matching isn't what makes us a family. It's that we love each other and are committed to helping each other. That is what makes a family and we are one. No matter how strangers may view us.

I am working on a photo montage to show how the boys have grown to be brothers. I plan to post it as soon as I am allowed to finalize M's adoption. It may not be for several months but it is my current project.

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Kim Foo said...

very cool. i posted a link to this on my page. :P