Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bad News

Today was a little upsetting. I learned that JM has chicken pox. He came down with them yesterday. He is now isolated and hopefully getting better quickly. It is so difficult to be stuck in Wisconsin when I know my son is sick in Ethiopia. I am comforted to know that he is receiving good care even if he is sick. I just wish he was here and I was giving him the care!

I also found out that the reason I don't have a travel date is because of a delay with the Ethiopian courts. According to my SW, I was scheduled for court today. I hope that I made it through! I should find out tomorrow or next week. All I can do is continue to pray for a fast travel date and that JM gets over his chicken pox soon.

The good news is that I finally finished painting JM's room. It looks fantastic! I also bought his crib and a few other things today. It is a relief to have that job done. His crib is being ordered so it should arrive next week.

OK everyone. I need happy thoughts for a travel date soon!

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