Monday, February 12, 2007

Still Waiting

I am still waiting for news from my SW. She hasn't returned my last message so she must still be waiting to hear from Ethiopia. I really believe these past few days of waiting have been the worst. It was easier when I didn't expect a call anytime. JM's bedroom is decorated and now I am ready to start on the au pair's room. Child proofing the rest of the house would be a good idea also.

I am trying to keep myself busy as I wait. My dog, Sierra, is also helping me. The above picture was taken while we were busy playing fetch. Or rather, I throw the rope, she retrieves it and then teases me with it. I cannot wait to see JM and Sierra playing together. Sierra loves young children and I am sure they will become fast friends. JM will also have 3 cats to play with/torment. It will be an interesting combination but everyone will adjust eventually.

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