Saturday, July 21, 2007


Jacob went on his first camping trip! He had a great time and learned a new phrase. He now loves to tell people to "get down." Of course, he learned this after I told him about 100 times to get down off the table. He also learned it is a lot of fun to have someone throw him in the water while wearing his life jacket. He loves suddenly popping back up to the top of the water.
Sleeping is not something that was done enough. Jacob found it very difficult to go to sleep while the campfire was still going. He just did not want the fun to end. He slept well after he finally fell asleep and realized that he was not missing any fun. He even slept through the raccoons. A raccoon figured out how to open a cooler we had left out. It fought with any other raccoon that came near it. I am assuming it had a very sick stomach the next day. It ate 5 chocolate bars, an entire bag of marshmallows, grapes and cheese before we realized it was eating out of the cooler. We also believe that it washed it's face and hands in the cooler. I found chocolate wrappers in the next campsite over the next morning. Naughty raccoon!
An update on my interview. The position was given to someone else. Not a big deal. I am a little disappointed but did not really believe I would get the job. I am still fourth in line for a dayshift position. That will work out better for my family. I won't be working second shift when Jacob starts preschool and I will have more options for daycare. It also allows me to consider adopting older children since I will be able to send them to school while I work. I know there are reasons for everything and I just need to have faith. If I had gotten the position previously, I would not have adopted Jacob. He is the best thing that has happened to me. I am sure that there are reasons why I did not get it this time either. I will probably apply again next time.


Angela :-) said...

We've taken the kids camping twice so far. Asamenew especially loves it. Rebekah is a bit frustrated by the lack of hot running water for her bottles.

Angela :-)

Susy Q said...

He's so cute! It seems like he had a great time camping :-)